Nintendo is to launch a redesigned Wii console in time for the holiday season. The console will be released as part of a new value bundle that will ship with Wii Party and Wii Sports in the UK.

According to Nintendo, the console takes a more streamlined approach to design than the traditional model, and its slightly altered configuration is designed to sit horizontally rather than vertically.

Nintendo has only confirmed a white edition of the streamlined console so far, but did reveal that players will also receive a Wii Remote Plus controller and Nunchuck.

Nintendo has also revealed that a number of other value Wii bundles will be announced this autumn, offering great value for the families this Christmas.

Slightly sad news, but something that is unlikely to affect most new buyers, is that the redesigned Wii won't support GameCube games or accessories.

Expect Mario Kart Wii and WiiFit bundles before Christmas. A The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword bundle would also tempt any hardcore gamers yet to take the plunge.