Activision confirmed last night during an investor call that a new James Bond game is scheduled for release by the end of 2011.

While details are still vague it is likely to be developed by Raven Software, who have reportedly been working an action adventure game based on an "international movie franchise" according to one employee's CV.

Earlier in the year footage of a stealth-based James Bond game was leaked from an Raven Software animator's demo reel.

Development of the game stalled briefly when the studio was brought on to help make Call of Duty map packs in 2010.

Considering the middling success of Bizarre's James Bond 007: Blood Stone and the relatively icy reception it had from critics it will be interesting to see how a new Bond gets reinterpreted this time around. And with a film slated to come out the year following this game's release it's unclear whether or not there will be any relation between the titles.