New Jade Empire trademark has been filed by EA

New Jade Empire trademark has been filed by EA
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Electronic Arts has filed a new trademark (via GI) for Jade Empire, and naturally this has got gums flapping over the possibility of a remaster or even a sequel to the much-loved 2005 BioWare RPG.

Trademarks are updated all the time, and more than often don't really amount to anything exciting at all. Occasionally they do however, and there's a chance Jade Empire might be revived for modern platforms. Given the number of remasters we've seen this generation, I wouldn't rule it out for sure.

Still, Jade Empire is currently available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility, so you can always enjoy the original version in beautiful 4K resolution. 

BioWare's next Big Thing is Anthem, which launches on February 22 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.