New Hitman confirmed – New Gameplay Trailer revealed

New Hitman confirmed – New Gameplay Trailer revealed Staff Updated on by

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Update: Check out the brand-new trailer which gives your first look at Hitman gameplay.

UPDATE: It’s official: Hitman is heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 8, Square Enix has announced, in what appears to be a digital, episodic release.

According to Square, the “digital-led gaming experience” will launch later this year before “evolving and deepening over time, with this initial storyline concluding in 2016”.

“This is new ground for HITMAN, coming out digital first enables us to do something new, bold and exciting,” said Hannes Seifert, Studio Head at Io-Interactive. “We are building a live, expanding and evolving world of assassination where we continuously develop the game, listening closely to the players as we release new locations, missions and hits as soon as they are ready – where $60 and not a dollar more gets you full access to the experience.”

PS4 players will get access to an exclusive beta and six contract missions in what was described as the most ambitious Hitman game to date.


A new Hitman game has appeared on the Russian PlayStation Store ahead of Square Enix’s E3 press conference tomorrow.

The pre-order page carries a release date of December 8, 2015 and makes reference to a ‘Hitman Static’ pre-order bonus.

The page does not carry a subtitle, however, suggesting that the new game could just be called ‘Hitman’.

Square Enix confirmed that a new Hitman game is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC last year, but has yet to officially reveal it. Could it be shown during tomorrow’s conference?

“For our world lies another world,” reads the description (translated by Google). “Hit him once, did not return back. Welcome to the world of contract killings. You – Agent 47, the best assassin in the world. Through its coordinator Diana Bernvud and resources of the International Contract Agency you conduct operations across the globe to uncover the conspiracy of the highest echelons of world power.”

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