Songbringer, announced today by Double Eleven and made by just one dude at a studio called Wizard Fu, is about 'a shirtless carefree dude just cruising the galaxy in search of the ultimate party' who accidentally awakens an ancient evil army, must save the galaxy, etc. etc. So a lot like Zelda, then.

It's a pixelart action RPG, and each game is procedurally generated, so you get a different galaxy to save every time. Roq, aforesaid dude, seems to do a bunch of dungeon crawling and plays with a variety of weapons in the beta trailer, which you can watch below  — if you're lucky enough to have a friend then you can play local co-op with them, presumably as Jib, Roq's little robot buddy you can see there. 

We're getting a kind of 80s, Flash Gordon-on-acid vibe over here, dunno about you. Some of those animations and environments look, like, totally bitchin'. Songbringer will release some time this year on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

Source: Double Eleven