Legend tells of an immensely powerful dragon that appears in the Everfall beneath Gran Soren. Known as the Ur-Dragon, this is the challenge that awaits Dragon's Dogma players.

Players and their parties of Pawns from around the world can compete collectively online in an asynchronous encounter against the Ur-Dragon via Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network. The effect of each party's attacks will be combined, but be warned its immense strength means it will take multiple encounters before the Ur-Dragon finally falls.

Be the one that deals the fatal blow and receive the maximum reward, but all players can obtain both common and rare items dropped by the Ur-Dragon when they inflict damage.

Players without an online connection can take on the Ur-Dragon alone, but the rewards will be different. All slayers of the Ur-Dragon will have their names and play times recorded in a hall of fame for others to view and aim to beat.

Dragon's Dogma will be released May 25.


In what appears to be a mastertroke of timing, we've only today published Episode 4 of the Dragon's Dogma Super Extended Play, so go watch it.