Atari has announced that the first downloadable content for the Xbox 360 action title Bullet Witch is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. The first set of content includes a new White Witch outfit for the game's heroine Alicia and a Bullet Witch Xbox 360 Theme pack.

In addition, for 20 Microsoft Points each you can download three missions. 'Dynamite Beauty' is a brand-new mission, and two enhanced versions of the 'Clad in Streaming Black' mission are available, one with 'Great Spells' unlocked and the other with a heightened level of difficulty.

In the weeks ahead a host of other content will released, including free costumes, Mummy, Schoolgirl, Secretary and Pixie. There will also be new missions 'Caterpillar City', 'Endless', 'One Shot Kill' and 'Geist Search and Destroy', plus enhanced editions of the missions 'City of Screams', 'Up in Flames at 10,000ft', 'Down in the Valley', 'The Bound Soul' and 'The End of Chaos'. New and enhanced missions will each cost 20 Microsoft Points.