Neil Druckmann shuts down The Last of Us & Fortnite crossover rumours

Neil Druckmann shuts down The Last of Us & Fortnite crossover rumours
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Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann has shut down rumours that Fortnite could be getting a The Last of Us crossover.

Over the weekend, the rumour-mill churned thanks to prominent Fortnite leaker & dataminer ShiinaBR. They tweeted to claim that Ellie and Joel skins were planned for the hit battle royale game. The rumour also stated that the pack would probably release in September. Timed, of course, nicely to fit with the PlayStation 5 release of The Last of Us Part I.

However, Druckmann himself would debunk this late on Sunday night. He said simply: “Love me some Fortnite… but there are no plans for this. False rumour.” Thus pouring cold water on the crossover bonfire.

ShiinaBR would release a statement to apologise for the misinformation and explain their side of the story via a Twitlonger post. According to them, they had heard from a fellow dataminer that the collaboration could be happening, and that it was at least in a discussion phase at some point. This rumour was then, apparently, corroborated by a second source – none other than Nick Baker of the Xbox Era podcast. After he mentioned it on said podcast, Shiina posted the claim to Twitter.

“All this information at once caught me off-guard and was the reason I tweeted about this collaboration in the way I did, rather than in a more “protective” way by labeling it a rumor,” Shiina explained. “Once again, I deeply apologize to all those whom I have given false hope with this. It was not my intention, and in the future, I will not make this mistake, I promise.”

In their defence, Fortnite hasn’t been one to shy away from a cameo. The battle royale has previously welcomed Kratos from fellow PlayStation exclusive God of War, and even Naughty Dog stablemate Uncharted.