The first reviews of the Need for Speed movie are in and - as you may have expected - the critics don't appear overly impressed.

Five reviews are listed on Metacritic, with the movie scoring an average of just 31/100.

Variety enjoyed the film more than others with a 60/100, praising its star Aaron Paul for his performance.

"Paul plays the part with the flinty, tightly wound charisma of a small man who makes up in movie what he lacks in stature," wrote Variety's Scott Foundas. "There's something of the young James Cagney in him, and he's by far the best thing Need for Speed has going for it."

However, Village Voice's Amy Nicholson could muster up only 10/100 for the film, pointing to the wasted talent of both Paul and Imogen Poots.

The film opens in the UK today.

Source: Metacritic