Need For Speed: Most Wanted's Online Pass does not restrict players from accessing the game's multiplayer. Instead, it stops those without one from earning any Speed Points during multiplayer sessions.

Activating the single-use code, which is included with all new copies of Need For Speed: Most Wanted, lets players "progress [their] multiplayer Speedlevel and earn Speed Points from multiplayer sessions," used to unlock cars in the game's multiplayer.

Any Speed Points earned in multiplayer are also aggregated with those earned in the game's single player to help players work their way up the Most Wanted list.

Without an Online Pass, players will still have access to Most Wanted's multiplayer options, including online races, speed tests and challenges. Autolog functionality is also available to players without an Online Pass.

The system functions similarly to SSX's Online Pass, which stopped players without the pass from earning credits in the game's multiplayer.

Online Passes typically lock players out of a game's multiplayer component altogether.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and PlayStation Vita this Friday. A Wii U version is due for release next year.