Ghost Games has outlined the list of new features heading to Need For Speed in its next title update, due to roll out across PS4 and Xbox One next Wednesday, February 3.

One of the biggest new features is the addition of a brand new Photo Mode called 'Snapshot Pro', which lets players move the camera around their car and fiddle with a variety of different settings, including depth of field, vignette, saturation, brightness and more until they line-up the perfect shot.

You'll also be able to download and share wraps created by members of the community, customise your license plate with different backgrounds and frames, and apply over 100 new customisation parts to a variety of cars.

Gas Stations will now also serve as repair shops, too, allowing players to drive through them and have their car instantly repaired free of charge. At the moment, players have to drive to the garage to get their ride fixed.

And finally, a new 'Competitive' multiplayer option is being added to the main menu that will match players up with others looking to race competitively. Alternatively, by selecting 'Alldrive', you'll be able to continue playing the game as it is today.

Oh, and there are three new trophies/achievements, too, which reward players for taking a Snapshot with a filter, sharing a wrap and completing Daily Challenges to reach Monthly Rank 10.

Take a look below for the full patch notes:

  • New Feature: Wrap Sharing
  • New Feature: Snapshot Pro Mode
  • A new "Splash" screen which gives players information on what is included in the new updates from the Living Game
  • A new Snapshot overview screen in the Need for Speed Network menu so you can find out more about your snapshots
  • Improvements to Kickbacks and likes on snapshots
  • 100+ new customization items for a variety of cars
  • License plates are back. Apply around 10 different license plates to your car for more in depth customization
  • We've made more improvements and bug fixes to multiplayer. You can now play with like-minded people, if you want to play competitive then you can now select this option when matchmaking and join a world with people who also want to play competitive.
  • 3 new Trophies and achievements
  • Drive through a Gas Station and repair your car on the fly.
  • A variety of tweaks and improvements including AI, player feedback, Gameplay and World
  • Fixed a couple of bugs for Eddie's challenge
  • Multiple stability fixes


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