UPDATE: It's new cars for Rivals. Don't get too excited.

ORIGINAL STORY: EA is preparing to make an announcement linked to Need For Speed later today, according to teases made by the game's official Twitter account.

Last night, the publisher told followers that they would find out today what the Need For Speed team had "been dreaming up", later asking one fan whether they were "looking forward to our announcement tomorrow".

"Be sure to check in with us tomorrow when we share what we've been dreaming up here at #NFS," the account added.

While this year's Need For Speed title could be announced today, the announcement is most likely linked to DLC for last year's game Need For Speed: Rivals, which has yet to see any substantial content released following November's launch.

It was reported last month that Ghost Games UK, which contributed heavily to the development of Rivals, had been hit with layoffs after an unannounced Need For Speed title was put on hold.

Beyond next month's movie, EA has yet to announce what's next for Need For Speed.

Source: @NeedforSpeed