Sony Computer Entertainment's Naughty Dog would never make an Uncharted game without the hugely talented actor Nolan North - the voice of series front-man Nathan Drake.

Asked how integral Nolan North is to Uncharted, game director Justin Richmond told "He's a huge piece of it. Nolan is a great partner. When we sit down and create these things, he will come in and put his stamp on it. The way we shoot this... Nolan's with us the whole time, for two straight years, basically.

"We're lucky because we live in LA, and all the actors are very close. He'll come in, he'll read the scripts with us, do a table read with the other actors. It's not just him; all the other actors are integral like this. We'll do a table read and they'll all give notes - 'I think I'd do this,' or 'We should do it like that'. We'll take all that stuff into consideration. When Amy [Hennig, lead writer and creative director at Naughty Dog] is writing she says she always tries to hear Nolan in her head. And then even more integral than that, at the very end of the process when we're almost done, we'll take done gameplay segments where a designer will play a level, and then Nolan will straight-up play it as Drake. He'll watch what's going on and react to it. A lot of those one-liners that you hear is just him riffing."

So there's no chance will see an Uncharted game without Nolan North? "Not unless they made us, or something," said Richmond. "If we're making a game about Drake, Nolan's going to be involved in it, for sure."

In the same interview, Richmond told that Uncharted could well continue onto PlayStation 4.

Uncharted 3 will be released November 2.