Naughty Dog is looking for an online systems programmer who would work on a ‘social and competitive experience’ in a new online game (via games radar). 

Well, this is interesting. The developer plainly stated that The Last of Us Part II won’t have an online mode, which was a painful choice because The Last of Us’ Factions was beloved by its players. The sequel is ‘the most ambitious project Naughty Dog has ever undertaken’ and as a result, the idea of multiplayer was left behind. But, it clarified that we will ‘eventually experience the fruits of our team’s online ambition’ in some shape and form. 

Naughty Dog is staffing up for this unknown online project, sparking speculation that it could be a multiplayer mode for a new Uncharted game or a standalone and online The Last of Us game. The potential online systems programmer would be responsible for ‘server technologies, core game networking, matchmaking, player data storage, and virtual store transactions’. The developer expects that this game’s player base will be considerable, and the candidate will be asked to ‘create a robust ecosystem with game features and background services’.

It could pull a Respawn Entertainment and release a totally new game unlike any of its previous properties. That move has worked out well for the Titanfall team, as Apex Legends is very lucrative and is only going to get bigger as publisher EA focuses its energy on its continued development. Anyway, we won’t know for a little while because Naughty Dog has kept its cards very close to its chest. Exciting.  

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