Nanostray 2 is a top-down sci-fi shooter developed by Shin'en and looks to improve upon the impressive first title with touch screen control, enhanced multiplayer support and all-new game modes.

Six game modes are on offer: two-player co-op, two-player vs, Challenge (30+ missions), Simulator (score attack in four game types), Adventure (exciting story, cutscenes and extensive voice work) and Arcade.

In addition to local wireless co-op and vs. play, Nanostray 2 features online leaderboards, with gamers able to upload all scores from Arcade mode to the world championship board.

The first Nanostray game was criticised for its poor touch screen integration, so developer Shin'en has created three control schemes for the sequel: Classic (no forced touch screen usage), Left Hand Touch (using stylus and buttons) and Right Hand Touch (using stylus and buttons).

"The Touch Controls give a complete new feeling to an arcade game like N2," says Majesco. "Those control schemes are very accessible for players who haven't played many arcade games before. Skilled players will enjoy the new controls as a new experience to the genre."

Nanostray 2 is scheduled for release in 2008.