Namco has confirmed reports that the forthcoming Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions for 3DS will use a perma-save system, preventing players from erasing their user data.

"There is no way to erase the save from within the game itself without misusing the hardware, causing corruption," a Namco Bandai representative told Shacknews.

The perma-save system affects each of the six games differently. In some cases it tracks what levels you've unlocked and achievements you've met, but all six titles monitor your high score.

Players can choose to upload their high scores to an online leaderboard. Namco says that if a used cart is played on a second DS, that player will also be able to upload the old score.

In short, if you borrow a friend's copy of the game - or buy a second-hand one - and want to upload your high score, you better make sure that you're a better player than the previous owner.

Data from all six games is stored in a single save, rather than each of the games using their own file.

Despite these issues, the Namco representative said that the game will offer plenty of longevity:

"It takes a very long time to get high scores on all the games to fill up the rankings as each game is a stand-alone title," they said.

How long are we talking?

"[That] would take an average person 8-10 hours depending on skill level to max out. With 6 games, that's 60+ hours to fill up everything with good high scores."

Shacknews noted that unlike Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, which used a similar system, the perma-save setup isn't clearly explained in the game's manual.

Then again, who reads manuals these days?