Developer Pathea Games has revealed their sequel to popular life RPG My Time at Portia with My Time at Sandrock set for release in early access on PC next year followed by a full launch on PC and consoles in 2022.

My Time at Sandrock sees the player arrive at the new titular frontier town of Sandrock, in a post-apocolyptic world where humans have succesfully rebuilt civilisation after an event known as 'The Age of Darkness'. As with the previous game, you'll be a fledgling builder starting with the task of building a farm and workshop but eventually working up to a whole bunch of tasks to build up the community of Sandrock and its surrounding area into a bustling town.

There'll be ruins to dive into with relics to find once more, as well as plenty of NPCs for you to meet and indeed romance. Completing quests for various NPCs will also see permanent changes to the town and how it operates. New for this sequel is an overhauled combat system, a deeper and richer story, and a bunch of new minigames.

Pathea also intends to include a fully fledged multiplayer mode with its own map, where you'll be able to work with friends to establish and build a workshop and explore the new map together with its own challenges and goals. To help with that multiplayer part, the studio has launched a Kickstarter page to help raise funding for that side of the game (the previous game was published in part by Team 17) where interested backers can pledge their cash in exchange for both PC and console copies of the game when they're launched.  

Pathea Games mention that the game will go ahead regardless of whether it meets its target, but warns that the title will only launch with a basic version of multiplayer until sales of the game pick up if it fails to meet its desired $100,000 target by the deadline of November 22.

You can check out a video for My Time at Sandrock below. The game is set to launch on first on Steam in Early Access in March 2021, followed by a full launch on PC platforms a year later. Then it hopes to land on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and "next generation platforms" in Summer 2022. 


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