This slipped us by last week, so we're bringing it to your attention now; Multiwinia, Introversion's follow-up to the hugely popular Darwinia, is out now.

Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest is Introversion's fourth stand-alone title and offers a choice of six action-packed multiplayer game modes and 40 unique maps. Challenge opponents to a game of stick-man slaughter, and watch digital-war unfold, as your Multiwinian army struggles to complete a chosen task faster and better than your rivals.

The game's available now from the Introversion store priced £15 and can also be purchased from Steam. A retail version is also coming soon, as is a version for Mac.

If all this talk of Darwinia and Multiwinia has left you wondering exactly what planet you're on you'll probably want to check out the free Multiwinia playable demo available from

If you want even more Introversion info, head over to our video 'Inside Introversion: A Documentary' for a behind the scenes look at the developer.