Ben Borthwick by on Jun 22, 2022

MultiVersus offers up 2V2 pro player gameplay in latest showcase video

Warner Bros has dropped a new 30 minute video showing off some high-level gameplay from upcoming character brawler MultiVersus.

The team at Player First Games hope their brawler will become a key player in the fighting game community. To that end, two of the scene’s best fighters got some hands-on time with the game in this 2v2 match. Both ApologyMan and Spooky were paired up with a top performing player from the game’s recent closed alpha.

ApologyMan – as Tom & Jerry – was paired with Brokkr as Superman on the Blue Team. The Red Team meanwhile comprised of Spooky’s Shaggy and Leviathan as Velma and took each other on in a best-of-five series. All the while, play-by-play comes from FGC commentators Sharpie, AJAX and IFC YipeS.

The rest of us get an insight into certain choices players make and their tactical decisions and strategies used by each team. It’s the sort of stuff players will need to familiarise themselves with at this year’s EVO Championship Series.

MultiVersus will make its formal FGC debut at this year’s show in Las Vegas. There’s $100,000 up for grabs between August 5 and August 6 at the Mandalay Resort, and if you fancy your chances you can sign up here. For the rest of us, MultiVersus is set to launch into Open Beta in July 2022. Peep the MultiVersus gameplay video for yourself down below.


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