Konami has announced Driift, a new multiplayer racing game for WiiWare which will be released on Nintendo's download service in July.

The game's fast-paced racing action is viewed from above, and allows up to eight players to race each other using cartoon-style characters. The game will offer 12 tracks, based on four themed environments (cityscape, hills, snow and desert oasis) and players will have the choice of 32 vehicles from four categories, each offering variations on speed, acceleration, handling and grip levels.

Players will be able to take part using any combination of Wii Remotes, Nunchucks and Classic Controllers, with seven game modes on offer. These include single-player and multiplayer championships, and Team Race which sees participants divided into two teams and the win awarded to the team which accumulates the most points. VIP mode will see each team elect one player as the VIP vehicle which must be protected at all costs from opposition cars. Take out the opposing VIP to win.

Other game modes include Contamination (a player is marked contagious and must contaminate every other player in a set time limit), Cold Potato (collect the potato and hold onto it for as long as possible) and Meteorite (a normal race, only players will also have to avoid meteors which are falling from the sky).

Driift is scheduled for release in July.