Last week it was announced that the cult classic Darwinia was to be made available on Valve's Steam service, meaning gamers all around the world will be able to get hold of the game. This will also give a huge financial boost to Introversion, the game's developer, allowing for more development to go ahead. In an interview with The Steam Review, Tom Arundel, Introversion's accountant has revealed that a multiplayer version Darwinia is ready to go ahead.

"We have design docs for a multiplayer version of Darwinia - we're currently scheduling the work / release," said Arundel. He also went on to add that an all new multiplayer game is in development, planned for release in the spring.

There is also good news for French and German speakers with localised versions promised for the New Year. "...we now have the distribution, localised versions will also be developed, starting with German for release, and French in the new year," said Tom Arundel.

We'll bring you more news on the planned multiplayer version of Darwinia as soon as Introversion make an official announcement.

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