The Kingdom Under Fire series was well received on the Xbox and earlier this year it was announced that a new game in the series, this time with an RPG focus, was on its way to the Xbox 360. Microsoft has now announced that it will be publishing the title worldwide (excluding Korea) in the second quarter of 2007.

Unlike previous titles in the series which strongly focused on RTS elements and taking command of an army, Circle of Doom will see players exploring dungeons, learning new abilities and customising weapons - the typical RPG type stuff. What isn't typical is that there'll be hundreds of enemies on screen at a time, kind of like Ninety-Nine Nights.

The game will also feature support for four player online play where you'll be able to form parties and go off adventuring together. Developer Blueside originally announced the game for Xbox 360 and PC, but the Microsoft publishing deal appears to cover only the Xbox 360 version, even going as far as referring to the game as an Xbox 360 exclusive. The PC version is therefore a bit up in the air at the moment.

Although still a fair way from release, Microsoft has announced that a trailer for the game will be available over Xbox Live at some time between September 20 and September 29, so keep an eye open for that.