Microsoft Game Studios is advertising for a "Lead Producer to lead the publishing side of games made by Epic: Gears of War and Shadow Complex".

While neither Epic Games nor Microsoft has officially announced Gears of War or Shadow Complex sequels, the advertisement suggests they are very much part of the platform holder's plans.

The job description further explains: "You will work with an experienced team at MGS and the world-class developers at Epic to drive the success of Gears of War and Shadow Complex in the highly competitive and fascinating world of interactive entertainment."

And just in case it wasn't clear enough that Microsoft and Epic are working on new entries in the Gears of War and Shadow Complex franchises, the job description adds: "As a Lead Producer on the Epic franchises in MGS, you will work directly with an Executive Producer to help lead our Gear of War and Shadow Complex efforts."

The advertisement doesn't indicate exactly what games are in development at Epic nor when future games will be released.

Via Develop