Tom Orry by on Jun 14, 2012

MotorStorm RC update tweaks difficulty and improves challenge sharing

Evolution Studios has announced that hit PSN racer MotorStorm RC has received a big update on PS3 and PS Vita.

The large update increases the places from which you can share a challenge with friends, tweaks the difficulty of 23 races to make them easier to earn medals on, and gives trial players new tracks to try out.

Evolution has confirmed that any players who previously set times that now qualify for a higher medal will receive new medals once the patch is applied.

You will be prompted to download this game update when you next start up the game from the PlayStation XMB on PlayStation 3 or LiveArea on PlayStation Vita.

Events changed in the update:

8 Races (re-tuned competitors):

“Vertical Limit” (Monument Valley Festival: Sun God Mesa, Buggy)

“Scrapped” (Monument Valley Festival: Scrap Heap, Buggy)

“Burned” (Pacific Rift Festival: Charred Rock Cafe, Big Rig)

“Easy Glider” (Arctic Edge Festival: Wind Chill, Racing Truck)

“Thawed Out” (Arctic Edge Festival: Ice Breaker, Big Rig)

“Dock and Roll” (Apocalypse Festival: Cargo Hold, Buggy)

“Play & Display” (Apocalypse Festival: Park N Ride, Rally Car)

“Bad Altitude” (Apocalypse Festival: High Roller, Big Rig)

4 Drift events (re-tuned target times):

“Overflow” (Monument Valley Festival: Sun God Mesa, Muscle Car)

“Rockslide” (Pacific Rift Festival: Pacific Drift, Muscle Car)

“Snow Drift” (Arctic Edge Festival: Wind Chill, Muscle Car)

“Sky High” (Apocalypse Festival: High Roller, Muscle Car)

4 Pursuits (re-tuned target times):

“Wave Breaker” (Pacific Rift Festival: Ripslide, Buggy)

“Cold Pursuit” (Arctic Edge Festival: Eagle Peak, Rally Car)

“Multi-storey Mayhem” (Apocalypse Festival: Park N Ride, Supermini)

“In the Ship” (Apocalypse Festival: Cargo Hold, Racing Truck)

8 Hot Laps (re-tuned target times):

“Mud Plugged” (Monument Valley Festival: Scrap Heap, Monster Truck)

“Out of the Frying Pan” (Pacific Rift Festival: Charred Rock Cafe, Rally Car)

“In-A-State” (Apocalypse Festival: Road Block, Racing Truck)

“No Barriers” (Apocalypse Festival: Park N Ride, Buggy)

“Drenched” (Pacific Rift Festival: Pacific Drift, Buggy)

“Rink About it” (Arctic Edge Festival: Wind Chill, Rally Car)

“Ready to Ship” (Apocalypse Festival: Cargo Hold, Ready to Ship)

“Nervous Wreck” (Pacific Rift Festival: Wrecked, Rally Car)

For the full patch details head over to the Official PlayStation Blog for a full Q&A from Evolution.


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