EA Sports boss Peter Moore has said it's down to him and the people around him to convince gamers not to trade in their games, and Online Pass is one such deterrent.

"One thing I have to do, and it's my job, and my development team's job, and my marketing team's job, is make you not want to trade the game in," Moore told Kotaku.

EA's Online Pass system won't directly influence video game trade-ins, but it could drive down the value of used video games - consumers buying second hand will have to purchase an Online Pass in order to access the online portion of the game.

"From our perspective, [it's] conditioning you to punch a code in, to get you going, get some digital content, and conditioning you to look at digital content as a value-add to the game experience itself," Moore explained.

Moore also said that core gamers are fully aware of why EA and other publishers are introducing measures to counter the used-game market.

"They recognise the business model implications of new versus used," said Moore. "Whilst I'm not sure they're angry, they absolutely look at what's going on in the marketplace and understand totally what it is we're doing."

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, the first EA Sports game to feature the Online Pass system, hits stores on Friday.