SouthPeak Games has announced plans to release Monster Madness: EX, a reworked version of Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia. PS3 gamers can look forward to a much more polished experience with improvements being made to the co-op gameplay, tighter controls, improved camera, mini-games and newly created extras.

"The Monster Madness series has a lot to offer gamers of all ages, whether they're old school or new school," said Melanie Mroz, Executive VP of SouthPeak Games. "The top down camera combined with the co-op and online multiplayer make it the perfect title for the PlayStation 3 system."

Based on Battle for Suburbia, the game will see players taking on the role of four teenagers who must save their town from the evils that have been unleashed.

Monster Madness: EX is scheduled for release early in 2008 in North America. No European release date has been confirmed at this time.