Monster Hunter World gets Resident Evil 2 event on PC

Monster Hunter World gets Resident Evil 2 event on PC
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Capcom has released an update for Monster Hunter World on PC, and it includes a Resident Evil crossover event, as well as lots of other monster-related happenings.

Update 11.50.00 introduces a new monster, Rajang, which will be the target of a new Special Assignment for those who have completed the Iceborne campaign. The Rajang looks like what would happen if a gorilla and a bison eloped and started a furious family.

However, even more bizarre is the Resident Evil event, the Raccoon City Collaboration—a place with no shortage of monsters of its own. This is a limited-time Event Quest, which is only available to players who have the Iceborne DLC. It features full armour sets that transform the look of your character into Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, from Resident Evil 2.

Check out the trailer:

The event is open from February 6 to March 12. On top of that, there are a number of live events going on: the Grand Appreciation Fest is running until February 13, and, on Feb. 28, the Holiday Joy Fest and the Winter Star Fest will begin on PC.

Happy hunting!