Monster Hunter Rise
by on Apr 27, 2021

Monster Hunter Rise’s 2.0 update lands tomorrow on the Nintendo Switch

Capcom has announced that the major 2.0 update for the Nintendo Switch exclusive Monster Hunter Rise will arrive as soon as tomorrow, bringing with it new monsters, new quests and much more.

The update will see the addition of the previously announced Chameleos, but they'll also be joined by Elder Dragons Teostra and Kushala Daora as well as adding quests to hunt Apex versions of monsters including Diablos and Rathalos. The update will also allow the fearsome Magnamalo to appear during Rampage Quests and adds new event quests too.

Elsewhere, new weapons and armour will be added and the Hunter Rank cap will be unlocked, which affords you access to further advanced Rampage Quests, Arena Quests and single-player only quests. The unlocked Hunter Rank cap means you can also forge Layered Armour at the Smithy. 

On top of the free content, the update will also come along with a huge bunch of paid downloadable cosmetics including Pose and Gesture Sets and Voice Packs that allow you to change your Hunter's voice to that of Fugen and Minoto from the game's story, with more promised in the pipeline. You'll also be able to pick up all of the additional DLC in a handy bundle known as Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 2.

Check out a trailer for the 2.0 update below, which lands on Monster Hunter Rise for the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, April 28. A PC version is also expected for early next year and in the meantime, why not check out our review of the game over here?



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