Monster Hunter movie posters show off a giant sword but no monsters

Monster Hunter movie posters show off a giant sword but no monsters
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Two new Monster Hunter movie posters were released today, and they show off awesome weapons and cool armour, but with no monsters in sight (via IGN).

I just thought this was funny. The creatures are probably hiding underground or high above the two hunters. If you saw someone wielding Aunty Dawn’s falsies on the end of a giant sword, you’d put a fair bit of distance between you and them, too. Anyway, director Paul W.S. Anderson is a big fan of the games, and was thrilled to be given the adaptation. He stated that all of the armor and weapons that the Hunters will wear will be based on the equipment from the game series, and in these two posters, we see the Giant Jawblade Great Sword and Great Hunter’s Bow. The props look like they would hurt a lot if they were dropped on your toe, so good job, everyone.

Milla Jovovich will be Lieutenant Artemis, and Tony Jaa plays The Hunter. T.I. takes the role of Link, and Ron Perlman is The Admiral, who acts as the leader of The Hunter’s group. Anderson also said that he would feature new characters in the movie, to reflect players’ ability to create custom Hunters, and that at least one character will flaunt a clashing set of armor, to riff off the mechanic of mixing armor sets for combat advantages.

Monster Hunter will be released on September 4, 2020.