If you woke up this morning desperately wondering how F.E.A.R. developer Monolith's new XBLA/PSN MOBA Guardians of Middle-Earth was going to handle on the console, well, consider yourself in luck.

Detailing the controls to VG247, this Lord of the Rings inspired MOBA starts in a similar fashion to the rest of the genre, such as Riot Games' League of Legends, where you fiddle with your match loadout before entering a game - in Guardians of Middle-Earth this is called the Relic Belt. You'll want to make sure your relic belt complements which LotR character you're going to pick.

Players then select from four basic attacks, mapped to the face buttons, and activate them by squeezing the right trigger. Beefier moves are held behind the right bumper, and potions are mapped to the d-pad.

Recall - to teleport yourself back to base - is triggered by hitting the back button.

The five-versus-five multiplayer game promises to feature plenty of areas familiar to fans of the series, and will feature Gandalf, Sauron, Gollum and Thrain at launch. Monolith has pledged to update the game frequently post-launch, promising 20 characters in total.

Warner has also released a trailer to illustrate the basics:


If very little of this makes any sense to you, why not read VideoGamer.com's beginner's guide to the MOBA genre to get yourself up to speed.

Guardians of Middle-Earth should be out on XBLA/PSN this Autumn.

We don't have any screenshots of this game on the website, so here's a picture of an owl I get when I search the image library for 'guardians' - can anyone recognise what it comes from?