Ex-Microsoft Game Studios boss Peter Molyneux has criticised Sony's newest handheld PlayStation Vita, saying that the device is "gimmicky" and "doesn't excite [him]".

"I have to say, purely speaking as a designer, it just doesn't excite me," said Molyneux on Spike TV last night.

"The back touch, I thought it was quite cute, there's quite a few games that have the tap on the back.

"But, you know, I'm not there. I'm sorry. It's gimmicky; it's another thing to put in my pocket."

Unsurprisingly, Molyneux confirmed that his new studio 22 Cans is not working on Vita.

Instead, he's working on a PC and iOS game called 'Curiosity'.

It wasn't all bad news for Sony, though.

"Anything that David Cage does I think is super interesting," added Molyneux.

"You can say what you like about his previous titles but they really are cutting edge and innovational [sic]. I love them. I love all of them."

Since leaving Microsoft Game Studios earlier this year, Molyneux hasn't been afraid to speak his mind.

Last night, he said that Microsoft's 'Better with Kinect' line "always worried [him]".