Speaking to Next-Gen at GDC, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux couldn't resist discussing the next title from the original core Black & White team, calling it a "very big thing" and a "new franchise".

"In the six years since Black & White they have been working improving the great things that underpinned that game, and now they are getting pretty close to something that is very significant," said Molyneux. "It's a very big thing. A new franchise and as close to something revolutionary as I have ever seen. And we're close to announcing it."

The ambitious developer, sometimes criticised for over promising and under delivering, went on to further hype the secretive title, much to the annoyance of his publicist.

"If you think back to the one thing about Black & White that was most fascinating, you'd have to say it was that creature that learned behaviour and seemed, for a certain glimpse, to be alive. Imagine if you could take that and multiply it by a billion," he explained.

Exciting stuff indeed.