Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has dropped strong hints that the PC edition of Fable III will ship with support for Nvidia's 3D Vision Surround - enabling the game to be played on three screens in full 3D.

Speaking over lunch to at gamescom, Molyneux asked for suggestions of what to go and see in the spare 30 minutes he had at the end of the day. Nvidia's 3D Vision Surround technology was my suggestion, prompting hints of 3D support in Molyneux's PC edition of Fable III.

"Well, we know all about that because we are doing a PC version of Fable 3. Not that I'm actually saying that we'll be supporting that really fantastic, amazing feature in a game like Fable, but wouldn't it be amazing if we did?"

"Yeah I love it actually," he added.

Molyneux continued: "They've done a really good job; it's not that hard to support. We had a room set up at Lionhead where we had complete surround Fable 3. It was so cool."

The outspoken video game creator concluded: "I'll be interested to see true balanced 3D gaming. Whilst the film stuff is quite good. Avatar was nice, I went into Avatar expecting to wet my pants and I didn't."

Fable III is scheduled for release for Xbox 360 on October 29, but the PC version has been delayed to some point in the future.