Special Delivery, which becomes available to Xbox 360 Elite members in August, sees two members of the SAS battling through a Chinese hydroelectric dam in an attempt to rescue a downed helicopter pilot.

The new mission merges multiplayer mechanics with existing Spec Ops mission gameplay, meaning there's plenty to learn while out on your rescue mission. So, to help you on your way, we spoke to Sledgehammer Games' VP & COO Michael Condrey who gave us some exclusive developer tips.


"This one is really about utilising the strength of each player. The guy on the ground, he's fast, he's nimble, but he's not going to stand a chance against multiple Juggernauts coming at once. The Osprey Gunner has got tonnes of firepower, but he can't get into the interior. So, protip there: let the guy on the ground get ahead of the Osprey to stir up the bees nest and draw enemies out into the open, then let the Osprey Gunner just level the place.

"There's a couple of great achievements on Special Delivery as well. You can use up to ten Care Packages, but if you only use one of each: one XM25, one turret, one self-revive, that's a big achievement. And if you can complete it with only using one self-revive, that's another big one."

For more details on Special Delivery direct from Michael Condrey, head here. Or click the following link for some developer tips on the new Light 'Em Up Spec Ops mission.