The Wii U has not been a successful console, and legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto has said that Nintendo is already focusing on making the next console, codenamed NX, a "very big hit".

In an interview with NPR, Miyamoto shared his thoughts on why the Wii U didn't prove a hit, claiming that the rapid evolution of tablet devices nullified the uniqueness of the platform.

"I think unfortunately what ended up happening was that tablets themselves appeared in the marketplace and evolved very, very rapidly, and unfortunately the Wii system launched at a time where the uniqueness of those features were perhaps not as strong as they were when we had first begun developing them.

"So what I think is unique about Nintendo is we're constantly trying to do unique and different things. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they're not as big of a hit as we would like to hope."

Miyamoto goes on to note that the company is already looking to its next console, codenamed NX, which is due to be unveiled next year.

"After Wii U, we're hoping that next time it will be a very big hit."

Little is known about the new system, with Nintendo choosing not to discuss it at E3 last week.

Source: NPR

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