Speaking to Famitsu, Hironobu Sakaguchi now at his Mistwalker studio, said that he is already looking toward a sequel to the Xbox 360 RPG Blue Dragon, despite the game still being a few weeks from release.

Blue Dragon fans can also expect a healthy dose of downloadable content to be offered over Xbox Live Marketplace in the first few months of 2007. As for what you get from the retail game, Sakaguchi says that it will ship on three DVDs and in an uncompressed state requires a massive 30GB of storage.

Blue Dragon is scheduled for release in Japan on December 7, and Mistwalker is hard at work on several other titles: Lost Odyssey, the gorgeous looking Xbox 360 RPG is due in 2007; Cry-On, an action RPG also coming to Xbox 360; A.S.H. a new game for the DS; plus three unannounced titles.

There's currently no word on when Blue Dragon will make it to North America and Europe, but expect it sometime in 2007.