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Minecraft is getting a character creator in its next update

Minecraft will receive a character creator feature in its next update, and it is currently being trialled in the game’s beta build (via Eurogamer).

Minecraft players have almost always had the ability to customise their look with skins, downloading duds like Perry the Platypus, Luffy from One Piece, and Ant Man, or making their own. Now, the new character creator offers even more customisation options for players without phasing out traditional skins.

The beta is currently only available on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Android versions of Minecraft, but the patch notes give a few details of what players can expect from the new tool. Personalisation options include body size, shape, and limb replacement, as well as different eyes, mouths, hairstyles and skintones. Over 100 customisation options will be added for free, with a range of accessories made by Mojang developers available for purchase.

Once beta testing of the feature has completed, the character creator will roll out for all other Bedrock platforms and Minecraft Earth. Watch how the new tool will work in a Minecraft livestream hosted by Mojang below.



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