Min Min is the newest fighter arriving in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Min Min is the newest fighter arriving in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Min Min, from the loopy and noodly brawler ARMS, is the newest fighter to enter the ring in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

The character is the first member of the roster of the second Fighters Pass, which will include six fighters this time instead of five fighters. We knew that the game would be getting a competitor from ARMS as Masahiro Sakurai broke the news in March, but who it would be was all to play for. Also, I was hoping for Min Min! Because her arms are made of noodles and she reps the famous Mintendo Noodle House in the ring. Her arm transforms into a dragon, too.

In fact, the producer of ARMS specifically requested that Min Min be added to Smash, and Sakurai had to say “yes.” She’s strong against heavier fighters, but lighter fighters and aerial fighters will cause her problems. Her arms are extendable and can smack attackers from afar, and she’s able to throw punches in the air as she jumps. Min Min may also bounce her arms off of the floor to catch those who think they’re just out of reach. The ‘A’ and the ‘B’ button operate each arm independently, which will let players throw double punches.

Her arms are interchangeable, with the right arm able to turn into a Ramram with a wide attack range. Then, there’s the Megawatt arm which deals a lot of damage, but it’s slow. And lastly, there’s the Dragon, which shoots a directional laser at the end of the arm. These punches override counters, but Min Min’s attacks are easy to spot and dodge. The travel time for her arms to return to her body also leaves her vulnerable to attacks. Min Min works best with a specific distance from her opponents, so if battling against her, close that distance as fast as possible.

Sakurai began the announcement chatting on his sofa, and explained that even though he’s been working at home, Nintendo supplied recording equipment to produce a proper reveal trailer just like regularly scheduled programming. Moreover, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team continues to work remotely, with Sakurai overseeing development from home. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out now for the Nintendo Switch.