Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition announced

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition announced
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Warner Bros. and Monolith have announced that Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition is coming to PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One later this month.

The re-release of Orc-slaying fantasy epic includes the full game plus all available DLC, as well as post-launch updates. These include the Slaughter Tribe, Outlaw Tribe, Blade of Galadriel, and Desolation of Mordor expansions, plus a bunch of gameplay refinements.

As you probably remember, Monolith recently launched a major update for Shadow of War that removed microtransactions, much to everyone's delight.

'Since Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ launched, we’ve continually looked at all of the feedback from our fantastic community and our fans, which has inspired us to keep improving the game and ultimately create a version that we are truly proud of,' commented Michael de Plater, Vice President, Creative, Monolith Productions.

'Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™Definitive Edition brings together all of our free content updates and gameplay improvements, along with our Story and Nemesis Expansions, providing the very best experience for players. Whether you’re diving in for the first time or making your return to Middle-earth™, there’s never been a better time to walk into Mordor.'

In addition, the Definitive Edition also throws in a bunch of other neat features, including extra options for Photo Mode, player stats, plus further enhancements to the acclaimed Nemesis system.

If you haven't dipped into Shadow of War yet, then this is an ideal opportunity to do so — it's a cracking game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition launches in the UK on August 31.