Warner Bros. quite clearly has no chill and feels compelled to remind us, lest we forget, about its upcoming action-adventure Middle-earth: Shadow of War once more. It’s revealed a new trailer that introduces the Warmonger tribe. This is full to the brim with a rather angry bunch of Orcs, who are out and about smashing the lot up, and being all War-like… and stuff. 

This trailer follows on from the Mystic tribe trailer that was released last week. There are so many factions and types of Orcs now that I’m curious to see what’s coming up next. Maybe it could introduce the cross-stitching tribe, the pacifist tribe, or even the homemade jams tribe. The whole ‘campaign that never forgets’ slogan would be useful here, and the game could feature groups of like-minded Orcs banding together, and sharing their knowledge of good-natured community building activities. This would help in bringing an air of positivity and prosperous peace to Mordor, after the inevitable fall of Lord Sauron and his minions.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is out on October 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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