Microsoft has filed a new trademark for 'Battletoads', according to newly-discovered documents.

Uncovered by NeoGAF, an application for the trademark was allegedly filed on behalf of Microsoft last Wednesday, November 5, with the trademark specifically linked to "game software".

Rare first registered the Battletoads trademark in 1990, according to the US Trademark Office, but it was cancelled in February 2002.

The discovery suggests that Microsoft may have plans to resurrect the classic Rare franchise, which debuted on NES back in 1991.

Of course, it's worth remembering that the filing could be fake. Last week, an alleged trademark application for 'Fallout: Shadow of Boston' by Bethesda turned out to be false, as did an application for 'Half-Life 3' back in 2013.

Microsoft has yet to confirm plans to revive Battletoads or announce Rare's next title.


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