Microsoft mouthpiece Aaron Greenberg has said that the Xbox One managed to outsell PS4 in North America last month, citing figures from the as-yet unreleased NPD Group stats for December 2017. However, it was Nintendo who came out on top overall as far as hardware sales go.

While it's unknown just how many Xbox One consoles The Big M managed to shift last month, Greenberg Tweeted that it gave the US hardware giant its highest console share ever for December. As for Sony, they confirmed earlier this week that PS4 moved 5.9 million units during the holiday season.

Microsoft hasn't released any official numbers for its flagship console in years, so we're still in the dark in regards to just how well Xbox One is actually doing. The Switch is continuing to sell like hot cakes though, becoming the fast selling console in the US and eclipsing lifetime sales of Wii U on its home turf. 

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