EA and Microsoft have entered into a partnership which will bring exclusive EA content to the next Xbox, two sources have revealed to CVG.

Whilst the specifics of the deal remain unclear, it is believed exclusive downloadable content or staggered release dates for titles are most likely. The idea that EA would release one of its titles exclusively on the next Xbox seems too far-fetched.

One source claimed the deal involves Battlefield 4, while the other points to Respawn Entertainment.

EA didn't feature in Sony's PS4 announcement conference, but has since confirmed its plans to support the platform.

"At the end of the day we are very excited about Sony's platform. We feel there's a huge opportunity there. The technical power on the platform is going to allow us to do a substantial amount of things that have never been done before," said EA CFO Blake Jorgensen at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference earlier this week.

Microsoft's rumoured April reveal of the next Xbox would be a great platform from which EA could reveal some of its next generation titles.

Imagine if the next Xbox was the only place you could play next generation titles from EA during the launch period.

Source: CVG