With monster trade show E3 right around the corner, gamers are bracing themselves for an onslaught of willy waving from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo during their high-profile press conferences.

Microsoft, however, has thrown the first punch, and it's thrown it early.

In a tweet, Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg told the internet-browsing world just how much more successful 360 exclusive sci-fi shooter Halo 3 is than the big hitters on PS3.

"Just in from research team (NPD): Halo 3 has outsold Resistance 1 + 2, Uncharted 1+2, Killzone 2 and God of War III COMBINED....wow", he said.

Greenberg's not wrong, of course. Halo 3 was a phenomenally successful game. First day sales reached $170 million in the US, setting a record for highest gross of an entertainment product within 24 hours of release. On January 3 2008 Microsoft announced that Halo 3 had sold 8.1 million copies.

Still, Greenberg's comments are sure to get PS3 fanboys' knickers in a twist. The 'my willy's bigger than yours etc' has begun. Expect more from E3 next week.