Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Asobo has announced that the next locale getting a sprucing up in a forthcoming World Update will be the UK.

The team made the announcement as part of a livestream (as spotted by Eurogamer) celebrating the launch of the most recent update, focusing on the USA. The studio is going to be producing between 50 and 60 new points of interest and new procedural buildings, as well as improving the game's existing British airports such as Manchester Barton and Liverpool EGGP. Naturally, the update will also feature new landing challenges and more.

Asobo also confirmed that the title will also be getting VR support in an update coming on December 22. The UK-focused World Update, meanwhile, is currently aiming for a launch around January 26. You can check out the launch trailer for the recent US focused World Update below, and Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available on PC, with an Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One version planned for sometime in 2021.


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