by on Sep 3, 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator becomes biggest launch in Xbox Game Pass for PC history

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator has garnered not only the biggest launch in the series' 38-year history, but has also become the biggest game launch on Xbox Game Pass for PC history.

The announcement on Xbox Wire reveals that over a million unique pilots have taken to the skies since the game's launch a couple of weeks ago, and those players have clocked up an impressive 26 million flights and 1 billion miles to date in the virtual skies.

 The game's official Twitter account also put out an interesting inforgraphic revealing that the most popular airport fans have landed in so far being the John F Kennedy International airport in New York and the most popular aircraft being the Daher TBM 930.



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Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

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31 December 2020