Microsoft once asked Criterion to develop a Kinect-compatible Burnout title to be included in the box with the motion-sensing hardware, but the studio rejected the idea as it had just started work on 2010 racer Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Creative director Alex Ward discussed Microsoft's plans on Twitter earlier this afternoon while looking back over previous console generations, saying that he believes Kinect "is impressive".

"I will personally never forget the first time I saw Kinect," he said. "The demo game was Paradise and it worked really well. It was staggering.

"[If I remember correctly,] MS asked us to do a special Burnout as the pack-in game a la Wii Sports. We declined as we had just begun NFS HP."

One of Kinect's early demos - back when it was known as Project Natal - was a motion-sensing version of Burnout Paradise.

The demo required players to form a steering wheel with their hands to control the vehicle's steering, and measured the position of their feet to control acceleration and braking.

Criterion later implemented Kinect functionality into top-down arcade game Burnout Crash and last year's open world racer Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Source: @AlexanderJWard