Microsoft has announced a raft of new Xbox LIVE Arcade titles from Japanese developers including SNK playmore and Taito.

Microsoft confirmed seven games coming to the service, including beat-em-up King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match, scrolling shooter Metal Slug 7 and ninja action title Tenchu: Shadow Assault.

Here's the full run down and a small blurb from Microsoft on each game:

"ARKANOID Live!" (TAITO). First appearing in the 1980s as a block-breaking game, the next evolution will now be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Gamers can enjoy "Arkanoid" in high -definition with beautifully choreographed background movies and background music. "Arkanoid" is loaded with 120 stages and colourful cooperative and versus modes.

"The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match" (SNK PLAYMORE). The original "dream match" comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade with new features, characters and game modes. Gamers can face their favourite "The King of Fighters" characters to determine the ultimate champion.

"Metal Slug 7" (SNK PLAYMORE). Gamers can join Marco, Tarma, Eri, Fiolina, Clark and Ralph as they prepare to take on Modern's Forces across seven new missions. "Metal Slug 7" will also feature new weapons, colossal new bosses, new gameplay modes, and new Slugs to pilot.

"Meteos Wars" (Q ENTERTAINMENT). Take a ride through this intergalactic journey where you slide, stack and ignite your blocks to blast away the world-ending meteors! Only you can stop them from falling and crushing your planet. Master the combo links and power-ups to challenge your friends in intense multiplayer sessions

"R-Type Dimensions" (Microsoft). "R-Type Dimensions" combines the genre-defining coin-op classics "R-Type" and "R-Type II," with a twist. For the first time ever, "R-Type Dimensions" allows multiplayer co-op play locally or over Xbox LIVE for up to two players. Gamers fight through all 14 Bydo-infested stages in the original 2-D or all-new 3-D graphics, and can swap between the two seamlessly.

"SPACE INVADERS EXTREME" (TAITO). Gamers can experience "Space Invaders" in fully immersive sound and vivid high definition on the next-generation system, with visuals that will excite their senses.

"Tenchu: Shadow Assault" (FROMSOFTWARE). Tenchu, the world-famous ninja action game, is now on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Gamers can control their favourite characters as they use a variety of ninja weapons to defeat their enemies and complete their missions. They can use traps in multiplayer mode to kill their friends for massive points.