The game, which is being developed by the UK-based developer Rebellion, is inspired by the Universal Pictures crime drama of the same name due in cinemas on July 28. Set in present day Miami, players will experience the events which take place just prior to the film. You will be required to go deep undercover as narcotic officers Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs.

"By taking full advantage of the advanced technology on the PSP system, Miami Vice The Game will deliver action-packed missions and highly-detailed locations that capture the danger-filled lives of the film's main characters and immerse players in the authentic world of Miami Vice," said Cindy Cook, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for VU Games.

In single-player you can opt to play as either Crockett or Tubbs, or opt to complete each mission with a friend thanks to wireless co-op play. The game should be much more than your average third-person shooter, with drug trading, hacking, and high speed boat chases adding plenty of depth to the gameplay.

Miami Vice has been rated 18 by the BBFC and will be available sometime in July exclusively on the PSP.