Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's current generation origins means what we've seen of the game at E3 this week will be improved upon for the Xbox One and PS4 releases, Hideo Kojima has told Polygon.

"For this project we were using the PC to build the Fox Engine to create our game," Kojima explained. "We're using the current-generation as a [guideline]. While we were developing on current-gen, next-gen came long. We're really trying to reach the peak of the current generation right now - 360, PS3 - and then see how much we can take it up for the next-generation."

He added that the E3 demonstration was "more tuned to current generation" in terms of models and textures, but this will be bettered for next-gen.

"Once we start going into development for next-generation we're definitely looking for something better than [what] we have shown today," said Kojima.

This will include upping the FPS to 60 and hitting a higher resolution.


Source: Polygon